Exploring Partnership Governance in Global Health: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief


Note: Proceedings contain the opinion of the presenters, but do NOT reflect the conclusions of the Health and Medicine Division or the National Academies. Learn more about the differences between Reports and Proceedings.

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Governance in public-private partnerships (PPPs) refers to the structures, processes, and practices for decision-making and for ultimately accomplishing the goal of the partnership. Governance defines the power structure of a PPP by regulating who makes decisions and how and when the decisions are made, as well as how other stakeholders are represented in the process. The governance of a partnership impacts its efficiency and effectiveness in meeting its stated goal: strong governance can improve the performance of PPPs while weak governance can undermine it. To explore partnership governance in global health, the Forum on Public–Private Partnerships for Global Health and Safety held a workshop, planned by an ad hoc expert committee, on October 26th, 2017. A workshop rapporteur has prepared this proceedings—in brief as a factual summation of the session discussions.