Exploring Data and Metrics of Value at the Intersection of Health Care and Transportation: Proceedings of a Workshop


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Two divisions of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the Health and Medicine Division (HMD) and the Transportation Research Board (TRB), held a joint workshop, Exploring Data and Metrics of Value at the Intersection of Health Care and Transportation on June 6–7, 2016, to examine partnerships, data, and measurement at the intersection of the health care and transportation sectors. The workshop took place against the background of a promising policy context. The cost reimbursement structure for health care delivery has been shifting over time, in part due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), from a fee-for-service model to a value-based payments model. In the new context, providers have to work differently to achieve good outcomes and therefore assume a risk for readmission and other avoidable suboptimal outcomes. This calls on providers to consider the social needs of patients, including transportation, and to explore community-based and other resources for addressing them. The workshop aimed to showcase models of transportation services that facilitate individuals’ access to health care providers; discuss data sources and information technology obstacles and solutions from and across the health care and transportation perspectives; and explore opportunities to ascertain if the value realized by transportation providers, health systems, and funders/payers of providing transportation services results in improved health outcome. This publication is a factual synopsis of what occurred at the workshop.