Using Existing Platforms to Integrate and Coordinate Investments for Children: Summary of a Joint Workshop


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The integration and coordination of health, education, nutrition, social protection, and other services have the potential to improve the lives of children and their caregivers around the world. However, integration and coordination of policies and programs affecting early childhood development can create both risks and benefits. In different localities, these services are more or less effective in achieving their objectives. They also are more or less coordinated in delivering services to the same recipients, and in some cases services are delivered by integrated multisectoral organizations. The result is a rich arena for policy analysis and change and a complex challenge for public- and private-sector organizations that are seeking to improve the lives of children. To examine the science and policy issues involved in coordinating investments in children and their caregivers, the Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally held a workshop in Hong Kong on March 14–15, 2015.