Adolescent Health Services: Missing Opportunities


Report at a Glance

  • A Role for Policy Makers (PDF)
  • Considerations for Insurers (PDF)
  • Information for Health Providers (PDF)
  • Information for Parents (PDF)
  • Press Release (HTML)
  • Report Brief (PDF)
  • The Role of Community Based Organizations (PDF)

Adolescence is a time when youth establish health habits, both good and bad, that often last a lifetime.  Yet the U.S. health care system today is not designed to help young people develop healthy routines, behaviors, and relationships to prepare them for adulthood.  Although most adolescents do make it through this turbulent period, some engage in risky behaviors that can jeopardize their health during these formative years and that can contribute to poor health outcomes in adulthood.  The nation's health services system is missing opportunities for disease prevention and health promotion during the period of adolescence.

Adolescent Health Services examines the health status of adolescents and reviews the separate and uncoordinated programs and services that currently exist in multiple public and private health care settings. The book provides guidance to administrators in public and private health care agencies, health care workers, guidance counselors, parents, school administrators, and policy makers on investing in, strengthening, and improving an integrated health system for adolescents.