Challenges in Adolescent Health Care. Workshop Report


This report summarizes two workshops convened by the Committee on Adolescent Health Care Services and Models of Care for Treatment, Prevention, and Healthy Development, which is conducting a two-year study of adolescent health services in the United States with funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies.

This workshop report, which is the first in a series of products associated with this study, takes stock of the current knowledge base on adolescent health services, settings and systems and offers perspectives from researchers, health professionals who work with youth, and youth themselves in describing the current status, strengths, and shortcomings of current delivery systems.  The report also examines research on the organization and delivery of adolescent health services by (1) reviewing the state of adolescent health systems, (2) identifying quality features of an adolescent health system, (3) reviewing the evidence base on specific service delivery models or systems of care, and (4) identifying the evidence base of health care delivery to vulnerable populations of adolescents.  The workshop report illuminates important issues in adolescent health and begins unraveling this challenging and multifaceted area of study. 

The committee's final report, was released in December 2008.  It examines the health status of adolescents and reviews the separate and uncoordinated programs and services delivered in multiple public and private health settings.  It also provides guidance to public and private agencies on investing in, strengthening, and improving an integrated health system for adolescents.