Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation

Type: Forum
Topics: Biomedical and Health Research
Board: Board on Health Sciences Policy

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The Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation (the Forum) provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to meet and discuss issues of mutual interest in a neutral setting. It includes leaders from private sector sponsors of biomedical and clinical research; federal agencies sponsoring and regulating biomedical and clinical research; foundations; the academic community; consumers; and federal and private health plans. The range of issues the Forum addresses includes the full drug development pipeline—from drug discovery and regulatory approval to translation of research into clinical practice. The Forum convenes several times each year to identify and discuss the most important issues within its purview. To supplement the perspectives and expertise of its members, the Forum also holds public workshops and symposiums to engage a wide range of experts, members of the public, and the policy community in discussing specific issues of concern in the science and policy of drug development.

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