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Report at a Glance

  • Accessing Primary Care: Barriers to Nurse Practitioner Practice (HTML)
  • Infographic - The Future of Nursing (JPG, HTML)
  • Press Release (HTML)
  • Report Recommendations (PDF, HTML)
  • Report Brief (PDF, HTML)
  • The Future of Nursing: Focus on Education (PDF, HTML)
  • The Future of Nursing: Focus on Scope of Practice (PDF, HTML)

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Committee Roster

  • Donna Shalala, Chair
  • Linda Burnes Bolton, Vice Chair
  • View Full Committee Roster

    • Michael Bleich

    • Troyen Brennan

    • Robert Campbell

    • Jennie Chin Hansen

    • Leah Devlin

    • Catherine Dower

    • Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda

    • David Goodman

    • C. Martin Harris

    • Anjli Aurora Hinman

    • William Novelli

    • Liana Orsolini

    • Yolanda Partida

    • Robert Reischauer

    • John Rowe

    • Bruce Vladeck