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Publications from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine provide objective and straightforward advice to decision makers and the public. This site includes Health and Medicine Division (HMD) publications released after 1998. A complete list of HMD’s publications from its establishment in 1970 to the present is available as a PDF.

  • Como Mejorar el Cuidado Paliativo: Podemos mejorar el ... Released: August 27, 2003
    This booklet summarizes the findings and recommendations of Improving Palliative Care for Cancer (2001), for the Spanish-speaking reader.
  • Improving Palliative Care: We Can Take Better Care of People ... Released: August 19, 2003
    This booklet summarizes the findings and recommendations of Improving Palliative Care for Cancer (2001), for the lay reader.
  • Describing Death in America: What We Need to Know : Health ... Released: April 07, 2003
    This report recommends ways to fill the information gaps by better use of existing nationally-representative data, and through some new measures, in particular, a new, ongoing National Mortality Followback Survey.
  • Improving Palliative Care for Cancer: Summary and ... Released: April 04, 2003
    The National Cancer Policy Board undertook this study to identify the barriers and challenges that limit palliative care and to propose solutions. The report identifies the special needs of cancer patients and the importance of the clinical and research establishment involved in cancer care to take a leadership role in modeling the best quality care from diagnosis to death for all Americans.
  • The Role of Nutrition in Maintaining Health in the Nation's ... Released: January 01, 2000
    Malnutrition and obesity are both common among Americans over age 65. There are also a host of other medical conditions from which older people and other Medicare beneficiaries suffer that could be improved with appropriate nutritional intervention. Despite that, access to a nutrition professional is very limited. This book addresses these questions, provides recommendations for nutrition services for the elderly, and considers how the coverage policy should be approached and practiced.
  • Working Together: We Can Help People Get Good Care When ... Released: January 01, 2000
    This 16-page booklet summarizes the findings from the 1997 report, Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life, for the lay reader.
  • Improving the Quality of Long-Term Care : Health and ... Released: January 01, 2000
    This report describes what is known about quality in various kinds of long-term care (LTC) settings. The report explores ways in which the federal government and states monitor LTC performance; the effects of recent changes in financing; staffing; and infrastructure, among others. A number of recommendations are made that could improve quality, including investigating new quality measurements; strengthening state and federal survey and sanction activities; improving staffing; and exploring the effects of changes in reimbursement.
  • Improving the Quality of Care in Nursing Homes : Health and ... Released: January 01, 1986
    As more people live longer, the need for quality long-term care for the elderly will increase dramatically. This report examines the current system of nursing home regulations, and proposes an overhaul to better provide for those confined to such facilities.