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Publications from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine provide objective and straightforward advice to decision makers and the public. This site includes Health and Medicine Division (HMD) publications released after 1998. A complete list of HMD’s publications from its establishment in 1970 to the present is available as a PDF.

  • Hidden Costs, Value Lost: Uninsurance in America : Health ... Released: June 18, 2003
    Hidden Costs, Value Lost: Uninsurance in America, the fifth of a series of six reports on the consequences of uninsurance in the United States, illustrates some of the economic and social losses to the country of maintaining so many people without health insurance. The report explores the potential economic and societal benefits that could be realized if everyone had health insurance on a continuous basis, as people over age 65 currently do with Medicare.
  • Setting the Course: A Strategic Vision for Immunization, Part 3 ... Released: May 16, 2003
    In January 2002, health officials, public health experts, health care providers, health plan representatives, health care purchasers, and community leaders met at the University of California at Los Angeles to discuss state-specific challenges for immunization finance and future strategies for strengthening immunization activities and the public health infrastructure that supports those activities. This report summarizes the discussions of the workshop, which examined immunization issues in California, with a special focus on Los Angeles and San Diego counties.
  • Medicare Coverage of Routine Screening for Thyroid ... Released: April 18, 2003
    The serum thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) assay is a common blood test that is already covered by the Medicare program for the diagnosis and treatment of illness. This report is an inquiry into the additional costs and benefits of also offering this test as a preventive service.
  • Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality : Health and ... Released: April 18, 2003
    On June 17-18, 2002 over 150 leaders and experts from health professions education, regulation, policy, advocacy, quality, and industry attended the Health Professions Education Summit to discuss and help the committee develop strategies for restructuring clinical education to be consistent with the principles of the 21st-century health system.
  • Uninsurance in America : Health and Medicine Division Released: April 16, 2003
    The report, Insuring America's Health: Principles and Recommendations was released to the public on Wednesday, January 14, 2004.
  • Preliminary Considerations Regarding Federal Investments in ... Released: April 07, 2003
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  • A Shared Destiny: Community Effects of Uninsurance : Health ... Released: April 02, 2003
    A Shared Destiny: Community Effects of Uninsurance is the fourth of a series of six reports on the problems of uninsurance in the United States. The report examines how the quality, quantity, and scope of health services within the community can be affected adversely by having a large or growing uninsured population.
  • Priority Areas for National Action: Transforming Health Care ... Released: January 07, 2003
    In this report, the committee recommends a set of 20 priority areas that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other groups in the public and private sectors should focus on to improve the quality of health care delivered to all Americans. The priority areas selected represent the entire spectrum of health care from preventive care to end of life care. They also touch on all age groups, health care settings and health care providers. Collective action in these areas could help transform the entire health care system.
  • Fostering Rapid Advances in Health Care: Learning from ... Released: November 19, 2002
    In response to a request from the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Institute of Medicine convened a committee to identify possible demonstration projects that might be implemented in 2003, with the hope of yielding models for broader health system reform within a few years.