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News Release

IOM Report Provides Framework and Tools to Deliver Health Care Effectively During Catastrophic Disasters
Released: 3/21/2012

While most areas of the country have systems in place to handle conventional disasters, such as a plane crash or building collapse, the infrastructure and systems to deliver health care during or following catastrophic situations, such as a widespread disease outbreak or a devastating earthquake, are rudimentary at best, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine. The report provides a resource manual to guide health care organizations, public health agencies, first responder teams, and government agencies in delivering care as effectively as possible to the greatest number of people when such disasters occur.

Report at a Glance

  • Report Brief (PDF, HTML)
  • Public Engagement: Downloadable PowerPoint Briefing Slides (HTML)
  • Public Engagement: Guidebook For Table Facilitators and Note Takers (DOC)
  • Public Engagement: Lead Facilitator Guidebook (DOCX)
  • Press Release (HTML)
  • Public Engagement: Sponsor Guidebook (DOCX)
  • Template 5.1 - State and Local Core Functions for CSC Plan Development (PDF)
  • Template 5.2 - State and Local Core Functions for Implementing CSC Plans (PDF)
  • Template 6.1 - EMS Core Functions CSC Plan Development (PDF)
  • Template 6.2 - EMS Core Functions for Implementing CSC Plans (PDF)
  • Template 7.1 - Hospital Facilities and Providers Core Functions (PDF)
  • Template 8.1 - Out-of-Hospital and Alternate Care Systems Core Functions (PDF)
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