Standing Committee on Credentialing Research in Nursing

Type: Standing Committee
Topics: Health Care Workforce, Education, Quality and Patient Safety
Board: Board on Health Sciences Policy

Activity Description

This standing committee is no longer active. 

The Institute of Medicine will convene a standing committee for the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The standing committee will discuss issues related to research on credentialing of nurses and organizations including short- and long-term strategic planning. The standing committee will maintain surveillance of the field, discuss planning and program development, and serve as a focal point for discussions and potential ad hoc studies requested by the sponsor and approved by the Institute of Medicine and the National Academies. Topics that may be addressed by the standing committee or by sponsored workshops and future studies by IOM committees include

  • emerging priorities for nursing credentialing research;
  • research methodologies and measures relevant to nursing credentialing research;
  • the impact of individual and organizational credentialing in nursing on improving healthcare performance, quality, and outcomes; and 
  • strategic planning for moving the field of credentialing research forward.

In this process, the standing committee will provide a public venue for communication among relevant stakeholders including healthcare professional organizations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, the academic community, and the private sector. Further, as needed, the standing committee will be involved in the planning, development, and oversight of related ad hoc activities undertaken by separately appointed committees operating under its auspices. In accordance with National Research Council policies, the standing committee itself will not produce or be used in the development of any reports.

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