Optimization of Nutrient Composition of Military Rations for Short-term, High-stress Situations, Committee on Military Nutrition Research

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Food and Nutrition, Select Populations and Health Equity, Substance Use and Mental Health, Military and Veterans Health
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

Activity Description

The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine under the direction of the Committee on Military Nutrition Research conducted an 18-month study to determine if there are modifications in military ration composition that would prevent possible adverse health and performance consequences of consuming such rations while in short-term high-stress situations.

A multidisciplinary committee reviewed the effects on nutrient status that might result from such missions, along with the consequences on health and performance; considered the nutrient balance and investigated whether some changes in specific nutrients would prove to be beneficial for either enhancement of performance or for recovery from such missions.

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