U.S. Military Malaria Vaccine Research: A Program Review

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Military and Veterans Health
Board: Medical Follow-Up Agency

Activity Description

An expert review committee evaluated the U.S. Military's Malaria Vaccine Research and Development Program and provided recommendations to the Commanding General (CG), U.S Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) on the best strategies for attaining the program's P. falciparum research and development objectives.

The committee was asked to

Determine whether the Department of Defense (DoD) malaria vaccine research and development program is scientifically sound and able to achieve the vaccine program objectives within specified timelines.  Assessments will include:

  1. research and development strategy,
  2. management,
  3. budget,
  4. research staff (size and capabilities),
  5. research equipment,
  6. communications and
  7. identification of potential barriers impeding research progress.

Given that significant barriers are identified, recommend how to overcome them.

Identify the major strategic goals and timelines based on the material received and presentations made by the DoD's program representatives and recommend ways and means to improve the likelihood of achieving them.  This may include, as appropriate, recommendations for an optimal configuration of program elements.

Recommend any additional studies or actions that the DoD malaria vaccine program could undertake to enhance its program, include the timing and priority of such efforts.


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