The Private Sector as a Catalyst for Health Equity and a Vibrant Economy

When: November 5, 2015 (8:30 AM Central)
Where: Prentice Women's Hospital (Conference Room L) • 250 E Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Topic Select Populations and Health Equity
Activity: Roundtable on the Promotion of Health Equity
Board: Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice

On November 5, 2015, the Roundtable on the Promotion of Health Equity and the Elimination of Health Disparities held a one-day workshop in Chicago, Illinois, on the Private Sector as a Catalyst for Health Equity and a Vibrant Economy. Thank you for attending! 

Available presentations are posted on the right of the page. 

The statement of task is as follows:

The workshop will focus on the economic case for promoting health equity. Thriving businesses benefit from health equity values and goals. Additionally, the larger society benefits due to improved community health and the improved health of the local economy. The workshop include several panels of speakers that  will explore ways to enable a “first of its kind” dialogue that showcases the shared values and visions of health equity-promoting strategies of researchers, health equity experts, and business sectors. Showcasing the impact of health equity-promoting initiatives will help to build bridges across sectors in order to foster additional large scale collaborative health equity efforts.

Three specific topics that lift up best practices will be highlighted at this workshop . These topics are:

1.  Transforming communities so that they are healthier for all residents

2.  Improving individual employee health

3.  Workforce development

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