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The Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation (the Forum) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies) was created in 2005 by the National Academies Board on Health Sciences Policy. The Forum provides a unique platform for dialogue and collaboration among thought leaders and stakeholders in government, academia, industry, foundations, and disease and patient advocacy with an interest in improving the system of drug discovery, development, and translation, educating the policy community about issues where biomedical science and policy intersect. 

Members of the Forum convene several times each year to identify, discuss, and act on key problems and strategies in the discovery, development, and translation of drugs. To supplement the perspectives and expertise of its members, the Forum holds public workshops to focus substantial public attention on critical areas of drug discovery and development. Proceedings of these meetings are disseminated to the public. In addition, the Forum commissions or fosters the development of papers to explore scientific and policy issues on selected topics. The Forum also fosters collaborations among its members and constituencies. 

The overarching theme underpinning all of the Forum’s activities, workshops, publications, and working groups is to understand and improve the system of drug discovery, development, and translation in a rapidly changing scientific and regulatory environment, in order to improve the public’s health.

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Action Collaboratives

The Forum fosters action collaboratives to engage participants with similar interests and responsibilities in cooperative activities that analyze in-depth high-priority issues and advance identified goals of the Forum and progress on recommendations highlighted in previous National Academies consensus reports. Collaboratives are participant-driven, action-oriented activities that foster collaboration and information sharing among Forum members and external thought leaders and stakeholders. Collaboratives may:

• identify issues of common interest and marshal needed leadership, expertise, and resources;
• highlight potential paths forward through, e.g., individually authored (or small group) literature
summaries or discussion papers or through the convening of technical discussions;
• engage in cooperative development of tools needed for progress;
• incubate and pilot-test novel approaches; and
• develop proposals for formal workshops and studies for consideration by the National Academies.

Each action collaborative is an ad hoc activity associated with the Forum at the National Academies. The work each produces does not necessarily represent the views of any one organization, the Forum, or the National Academies and is not subjected to the review procedures of, nor is it a report or product of, the National Academies.


The National Academy of Medicine’s (NAM's) Perspectives platform can disseminate information or further elucidate topics covered in Forum discussions, workshops, or action collaboratives. Perspectives come in two forms: commentaries, or brief, op-ed style opinion pieces, and discussion papers, lengthier articles that present research or report on field activities. 

The views expressed in Perspectives are those of the authors and not necessarily of the authors’ organizations, the NAM, or the National Academies. Perspectives are intended to help inform and stimulate discussion. They are not a report of the NAM or the National Academies. Find out more about Perspectives at


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