Public Meeting 10: The Healthcare Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes, Strategies that Work

When: July 16, 2009 - July 17, 2009 (1:13 PM Eastern)
Where: Keck Center • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Topics Biomedical and Health Research, Diseases, Food and Nutrition, Health Care Workforce, Health Services, Coverage, and Access, Public Health, Quality and Patient Safety, Select Populations and Health Equity
Activity: Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care
Board: HMD Executive Office

Strategies that Work is the second meeting in the Roundtable's three-part workshop series, The Healthcare Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes. Based on the incongruency of health costs and health outcomes in the United States, the series is exploring how U.S. per capita health spending might be lowered by 10% within 10 years. The first workshop, Understanding the Targets, identified key areas for decreasing inefficiency and waste; this second workshop will explore promising methods for acheiving these cost savings.

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