Public Engagement in Research & Policy and Regenerative Medicine: Science & Policy

Type: Stand Alone Workshop
Topics: Biomedical and Health Research, Quality and Patient Safety
Board: Board on Health Sciences Policy

Activity Description

The IOM's Board on Health Sciences Policy will be hosting two public sessions on Thursday, June 24.  The morning session will be on Public Engagement in Research and Policy and afternoon session with be on Regenerative Medicine: Science and Policy.

Public Engagement:

Public engagement efforts engage the broader society in two-way dialogues and open in-depth deliberation on important public issues and decisions, deepening the level of participation beyond efforts to educate the public and to consult with relevant institutional stakeholders. This topic is particularly relevant to the work of the Board on Health Sciences Policy because of its mandate to give special consideration to the ethical, legal, and social contexts of scientific and technologic advances, and to the balance between scientific opportunities and public needs. The mini-workshop will explore current efforts to engage the public in research priority setting, question development, and data interpretation and use, as well as in policy making on science-related topics, with the ultimate aim of discovering ways to more fully integrate public participation into IOM activities.

Regenerative Medicine:

Significant advances in our basic understanding of cellular growth and differentiation have driven progress in artificial organ development, tissue engineering, medical device development, and cellular therapies with significant focus coming on the future potential of stem cell biology. The enormous potential health and economic benefits this relatively new field could potentiate upon society must be balanced by the enactment of the proper policies and procedures to provide for patient safety. This mini-workshop will explore the impact of regenerative medicine on patient outcomes, business models for integrating therapies into practice, and the policy issues which must be addressed to advance the field. If you are interested in attending either session, please contact Amy Packman (

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