Urbanization and Slums: New Transmission Pathways of Infectious Diseases in the Built Environment—A Workshop

When: December 12, 2017 - December 13, 2017 (1:00 PM Eastern)
Where: Keck Center • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Topics Diseases, Global Health, Public Health, Health Security
Activity: Forum on Microbial Threats
Board: Board on Global Health

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Specific areas to be covered include:

  • The current state of science of the formation, function, and interactions of microbial communities in the urban built environment that impact human health. 
  • Specific urban built environment characteristics, spatial heterogeneity, and land-use patterns, as well as social and behavioral factors (host and vector movement) that may alter vector distribution, and increase or facilitate transmission of infectious diseases.
  • Critical opportunities, challenges, and knowledge gaps relevant to translating research findings into practical application of shaping urban environments that prevent and mitigate infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Innovative strategies, interventions, and policies for creating sustainable and health-promoting urban built environments that consider structural and socioeconomic determinants of diseases. 
  • Obtaining valid and reliable data to monitor and evaluate implementation and progress of programs and policies. 
  • Collaboration and coordination mechanisms among various stakeholders and across sectors in urban planning, public policy, public health, animal health, environmental health, microbiology, and social and behavioral sciences.

This workshop is a forum meeting that members of the public are welcome to attend, but space is limited and registration is required. The workshop will also be webcast, and all videos of the webcast recordings will be archived on this page.

The workshop agenda, video archive, and speaker presentations are available under Other Meeting Resources. 


As of March 2016, the Health and Medicine Division continues the consensus studies and convening activities previously undertaken by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

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