International Food and Nutrition Forum

Type: Forum
Topics: Food and Nutrition, Global Health
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

Activity Description

This Forum is no longer active.

The International Food and Nutrition Forum (IFNF) provides a mechanism for representatives from the U.S. government, academia and nongovernmental organizations to discuss issues related to global food and nutrition including food security, global health, micronutrient deficiencies, and related morbidity and mortality. Members are selected for their professional perspectives and scientific credentials, and ex-officio membership is based on institutional representation. The IFNF offers an opportunity to identify areas of concordance among diverse interest groups and possible approaches to address issues that are discussed. The IFNF members will neither make recommendations nor offer specific advice. The purpose of the IFNF is to compile information, develop options, and bring interested parties together to engage in dialogue.

The IFNF meets approximately three times annually. The meetings are designed to identify high-priority issues, improve understanding of the nature and causes of these issues, and discuss possible approaches for addressing them. At the conclusion of a meeting, the coordinator, in consultation with the IFNF chair and a sub-group of members, prepare an agenda for the next meeting. In developing the agenda, the members consider criteria such as the magnitude of a problem, the salience of the problem or issue to the members, and the unique contribution that the IFNF can make relative to other activities being conducted by either public or private agencies. Final decisions for the agenda and scheduling of meetings are based on the IFNF deliberations and the availability of members and invited participants.