A Quality Management System for Behavioral Health Professionals in the Military Health System

When: October 13, 2010 - October 15, 2010 (12:00 AM Eastern)
Where: 20 F Street Conference Center • 20 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Topics Substance Use and Mental Health, Military and Veterans Health, Health Care Workforce
Activity: Qualifications of Professionals Providing Mental Health Counseling Services under TRICARE
Board: Board on the Health of Select Populations

These discussions do not reflect recommendations or statements by the Institute of Medicine or the Department of Defense. Workshop discussions reflect the opinions of the speakers themselves.

In response to a request from the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), the Institute of Medicine is hosting a workshop: A Quality Management System for Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Other Behavioral Health Professionals in the Military Health System. The workshop will bring together people from a variety of backgrounds from October 13-15, 2010, in Washington, D.C., to explore the development of a quality management system and scopes of practice for the behavioral health professions. The workshop will build on recommendations made in the 2010 IOM report Provision of Mental Health Counseling Services Under TRICARE, chaired by Dr. George Isham, HealthPartners.

The report recommends that licensed mental health counselors be permitted to practice independently under the TRICARE program in the circumstances in which their education, licensure, and clinical experience prepared them to diagnose and, where appropriate, treat conditions in the population. It also recommends TRICARE institute a comprehensive quality management system for all mental health professionals.

Download the workshop transcripts.

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