Qualifications of Professionals Providing Mental Health Counseling Services under TRICARE

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Substance Use and Mental Health, Military and Veterans Health, Health Care Workforce
Board: Board on the Health of Select Populations

Activity Description

In response to a mandate contained in The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (Public Law 110-181), the Institute of Medicine is conducting a study of the credentials, preparation, and training of individuals practicing as licensed mental health counselors under TRICARE, the Department of Defense's health care services plan for the active-duty military, retirees, and their families. Specifically, the study is evaluating the educational, licensing, and clinical experience requirements currently imposed on licensed mental health counselors; assessing the extent to which other federal health care providers allow them to practice independently; and examining the history of the regulations regarding mental health care practitioners within TRICARE. It is also reviewing the scientific literature regarding the quality and effectiveness of care provided by these professionals, and will offer recommendations regarding any modifications of the current policies regarding their ability to practice independently under the TRICARE program.

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