Committee on Optimizing Scheduling in Health Care

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Health Services, Coverage, and Access, Quality and Patient Safety, Military and Veterans Health
Board: HMD Executive Office

Activity Description

The Committee on Optimizing Scheduling in Health Care will conduct a study and prepare a report directed at exploring appropriate access standards for the triage and scheduling of health care services for ambulatory and rehabilitative care settings to best match the acuity and nature of patient conditions. The committee will:

1)   Review the literature assessing the issues, patterns, standards, challenges, and strategies for scheduling timely health care appointments;
2)   Characterize the variability in need profiles and the implications for the timing in scheduling protocols;
3)   Identify organizations with particular experience and expertise in demonstrating best practices for optimizing the timeliness of scheduling matched to patient need and avoiding unnecessary delays in delivery of needed health care;
4)   Organize a public workshop of experts from relevant sectors to inform the committee on the evidence of best practices, their experience with acuity-specificstandards, and the issues to be considered in applying the standards under various circumstances;and
5)   Issue findings, conclusions, and recommendations for development, testing, and implementation of standards, and the continuous improvement of their application.

In the course of their work, the committee will consider mandates and guidance from relevant legislative processes and evaluate all evidence indicated above, along with input and comment from others in the field.

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