Geographic Adjustment in Medicare Payment Phase II; Report Dissemination: Webinar Series

When: October 10, 2012 - October 25, 2012 (3:00 PM Eastern)

Topics Health Care Workforce, Health Services, Coverage, and Access
Activity: Geographic Adjustment Factors in Medicare Payment
Board: Board on Health Care Services

On three dates in October 2012, members of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Geographic Adjustment Payment and invited speakers will discuss findings and recommendations from the committee’s recent report entitled Geographic Adjustment in Medicare Payment Phase II: Implications for Access, Quality, and Efficiency. The topics of the three webinars will be as follows: Topics and speakers will include:

  • October 10th, 2012:  The Impact of Medicare Payment Policy on Workforce Supply, Distribution, and Access to Care.  Margo Edmunds, PhD, IOM Study Director, Moderator; with Thomas C. Ricketts, PhD; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Joanne Pohl, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN, FAANP, University of Michigan School of Nursing; and Barbara Safriet, JD, LLM, Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon.  See the archived webinar.

    Event Description: The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the rationale for the committee’s recommendations about the impact of geographic adjustment on the healthcare workforce and access to care.  Presentations will include a brief overview of the committee’s Phase II recommendations, a discussion of the policy context for the recommendations, a presentation of data on supply and distribution of the workforce that influenced the recommendations, and a discussion of the challenges involved in implementing the committee’s recommendation on scope of practice and services. A question and answer period with the listening audience will follow the presentations.
  • October 17th, 2012:  The Impact of Recommended Changes to Improve Accuracy of Geographic Adjustment in Medicare Payment:  Key Findings and Policy Implications from IOM Payment Simulations.  Margo Edmunds, PhD, IOM Study Director, Moderator; with Bruce Steinwald, Independent Consultant; Stuart Guterman, Commonwealth Fund; Stephen Zuckerman, PhD, Urban Institute; and Kathleen Dalton, PhD, Independent consultant. See the archived webinar.

    Event Description:  This webinar will review the purpose, priorities, and key findings from a series of payment simulations conducted by RTI International to analyze the impact of the IOM Committee’s Phase I recommendations on improving the accuracy of Medicare payment to hospitals and physicians.  After a brief review of the Phase I recommendations and the committee’s analytic framework, key findings from the impact analysis for hospitals and physician payment will be discussed.  A new web-based tool for searching the payment simulation findings by geography will be demonstrated, and a question and answer period with the audience will follow the presentations. 
  • October 24, 2012:  The IOM Committee on Geographic Adjustment in Medicare payment recently recommended that Medicare payment policy should be changed to support access to telehealth services for all beneficiaries, particularly those in medically underserved urban and rural areas. While the IOM committee viewed access for medically underserved beneficiaries as an equity issue, several challenges are involved in implementing a policy change to include urban areas in telehealth coverage. Panelists will address how federal reimbursement policy was set, how the state of California addresses telehealth, and how a growing number of stakeholders are concerned about access to telehealth services for urban beneficiaries and communities of color. Margo Edmunds, PhD, Director of the IOM study will moderate and presenters will include Cathryn Nation, MD, a member of the IOM committee and associate VP at the University of California; Karen Edison, MD, of the Missouri Telehealth Network and  Missouri Center for Health Policy; Jana Katz-Bell of the UC-Davis Center for Health and Technology; and Greg Billings, Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law. See the archived webinar.

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