Standing Committee to Support USAID’s Engagement in Health Systems Strengthening in Response to the Economic Transition of Health

Type: Standing Committee
Topics: Global Health, Public Health
Board: Board on Global Health

Activity Description

This standing committee is no longer active. 

This standing committee will serve the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as it evolves policy, plans, and programming to assist partner or recipient countries to navigate the economic transition of health.

This committee will meet with USAID on an on-going basis to discuss issues related to short- and long-term program planning. It will provide to USAID an iterative, interactive, multi-disciplinary, expert-informed process for refining agency plans and programs pertinent to strengthening health systems that are evolving from a public sector focus to one suitable for mixed systems.

The committee includes experts with a background in low- and middle-income country health systems management, health economics and financing in developing countries, actuarial science, quality of care, health insurance in the low- and middle-income context, mixed public and private sector systems, information systems, behavior change and prevention and promotion, eHealth, modeling, and patient attitudes (medical and social anthropology).

The standing committee will maintain surveillance of the field of health systems strengthening in developing countries, discuss planning and program development efforts, and serve for USAID as a focal point within the Institute of Medicine for discussions and potential follow-on ad hoc studies related to:

  • The identification of best practices for financing developing country health systems;
  • The large scale implementation of national health care financing schemes for mixed systems;
  • Support for the conceptualization of sound scientific studies to identify best practices where they may not be established;
  • USAID’s health systems strengthening research and knowledge building agenda;
  • Support for relevant operations and implementation science research;
  • Advice on USAID plans for investing in mixed health systems financing mechanisms;
  • Insights on relevant monitoring and evaluation approaches;
  • Assistance in the dissemination of knowledge generated on these issues.

The committee will convene approximately three times annually to conduct these discussions related to the economic transition of health. In addition the committee will formulate statements of task for potential targeted studies.

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