Supporting the Establishment of an African Association for Health Professional Education and Research: A Workshop

Type: Stand Alone Workshop
Topics: Education, Global Health, Health Care Workforce
Board: Board on Global Health

Activity Description

An ad hoc committee under the auspices of the Institute of Medicine will plan and conduct a four-day workshop to lay a foundation for developing a business and strategic plan for the development of an African Association for Health Professional Education and Research (AAHPER). The meeting will share best practices and lessons learned as participants explore how such an association could accelerate the effectiveness of health education, research, and practice through an ongoing, self-sustainable platform of African academic institutions. Topics of for discussion at the meeting could include:

  • Curriculum, technology, and other aspects of pedagogy;
  • Research management needs for grant writing;
  • Faculty retention through incentives and opportunities to perform research;
  • Rural training to improve retention of health workers;
  • Accreditation and movement of professionals between countries;
  • Cross-training and collaboration among nursing, public health, lab science, and pharmacy communities; and
  • Building the evidence base for community-based education and engagement.

These issues will be examined in a four-day workshop that will be planned and organized by an ad hoc committee identified and recruited by the IOM. The committee will develop a workshop agenda, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions.

The workshop was free and open to the public.

To download the workshop in brief free of charge, click here.

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