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  • Improving Mammography Quality Standards Consensus Study
    The study will evaluate ways to improve mammagraphy interpretation without impairing access, and will cover such topics as audits, technical quality, supply of personnel, mandates for monitoring, and steps to make new technology available.
  • Assessing Improvements in Cancer Care in Georgia Consensus Study
    This committee recommended performance measures and benchmarks that could be used by state programs--the Georgia Cancer Coalition in particular--to measure and monitor the impact of cancer control initiatives.
  • Economic Models of Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Workshop Consensus Study
    The Institute of Medicine will be conducting a workshop on January 26-27, 2004, to assess issues in modeling the cost-effectiveness of screening for colorectal cancer screening.
  • Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Women with Breast Cancer Stand Alone Workshop
    The purpose of this workshop was to understand psychosocial responses of women to breast cancer and to evaluate tools used to assess psychosocial distress.
  • Describing Death in America: What We Need to Know Consensus Study
    The effort to better understand and to improve the care received by those at the end of life requires detailed information about dying in America—not just about the demographic characteristics and health conditions of those who die, but also about...