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  • Data Standards for Patient Safety Consensus Study
    The purpose of this IOM project is to produce a detailed plan to facilitate the development of data standards applicable to the collection, coding and classification of patient safety information. The plan will apply to both adverse event data and...
  • Enhancing Federal Health Care Quality Programs Consensus Study
    The purpose of this study is to re-examine the various federal quality improvement and oversight programs to assess whether changes were needed to provide adequate protection to beneficiaries, provide strong incentives to providers to improve...
  • Committee on Health Literacy Consensus Study
    This study assessed the problem of health literacy and consider the next steps within a public health/public education framework.
  • The Quality of Health Care in America Consensus Study
    In 1996, the Institute of Medicine launched a concerted, ongoing effort focused on assessing and improving the nation's quality of care. The Committee on Quality of Health Care in America laid out a vision for how the health care system and related...