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  • Study on Family Caregiving for Older Adults Consensus Study
    An ad hocstudy committee will analyze the most recent information about family caregivers of older adults. Unmet needs, differences in needs associated with race, ethnicity, and other factors, and progress in delivery reform will be examined for...
  • Reexamination of IOM Pregnancy Weight Guidelines Consensus Study
    An ad hoc committee will review and update the 1990 Institute of Medicine recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy and recommend ways to encourage their adoption through clinical guidance, consumer education, and public health strategies
  • Reviewing the National Children's Study Research Plan Consensus Study
    NRC Committee on Reviewing the National Children’s Study Research Plan
  • Describing Death in America: What We Need to Know Consensus Study
    The effort to better understand and to improve the care received by those at the end of life requires detailed information about dying in America—not just about the demographic characteristics and health conditions of those who die, but also about...