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  • The U.S. Commitment to Global Health Consensus Study
    The Institute of Medicine’s Board on Global Health is organizing a 14-month consensus study to examine and articulate the case for why multiple agencies from government and the private sector in the U.S. should make a deeper commitment to global...
  • Reexamination of IOM Pregnancy Weight Guidelines Consensus Study
    An ad hoc committee will review and update the 1990 Institute of Medicine recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy and recommend ways to encourage their adoption through clinical guidance, consumer education, and public health strategies
  • Methodological Challenges in HIV Prevention Trials Consensus Study
    The Institute of Medicine (IOM) convened a committee to examine methodological challenges in HIV prevention trials. The committee prepared a report to improve the methodology, design, and conduct of HIV prevention trials, focusing on microbicide and ...
  • An Assessment of DoD-GEIS Influenza Surveillance and Response Programs Consensus Study
    The IOM has convened a committee on the Assessment of DoD-GEIS Influenza Surveillance and Response Programs.
  • Cancer Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Consensus Study
    Low- and middle-income countries face challenges and opportunities in spending scarce resources on cancer control, from prevention, screening, and treatment, to relieving the pain and other symptoms that often accompany a death from cancer. The goal ...
  • Joint U.S.-Mexico Workshop on Childhood Obesity Prevention Stand Alone Workshop
    The IOM, in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico, convened a two-day workshop to explore common issues and the potential for collaboration in the area of preventing childhood obesity in populations of Mexican origin.
  • Prevention of HIV Infection among Injecting Drug Users in High Risk Countries Consensus Study
    The committee will review the scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of strategies to prevent HIV transmission occurring through the use of contaminated injecting equipment by injecting drug users.
  • Dietary Reference Intakes: Framing the Next Generation Stand Alone Workshop
    The symposium, sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Board, will consider mechanisms and criteria for deciding when to review a DRI. Vitamin D will be discussed as a case study. We invite you to attend and participate in shaping the next phase of...
  • Implications of Dioxin in the Food Supply Consensus Study
    An Institute of Medicine committee conducted a study to review the scientific evidence of the impact of dioxin and dioxin-like compounds on the safety of the U.S. food supply.
  • Microbial Threats to Health: Emergence, Detection, and Response Consensus Study
    The purpose of the study was to review the current state of knowledge and policy responses concerning emerging infectious diseases.