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  • Air Force Health Study (Ranch Hand) Research Assets Epidemiological Study
    In 1979, the US Congress directed that epidemiologic study be conducted to evaluate the frequency and nature of adverse health effects that might be related to exposure to “Agent Orange” and other military herbicide used during the Vietnam...
  • Shipboard Hazard and Defense II (SHAD II) Consensus Study
    The IOM's Medical Follow-up Agency will conduct an epidemiological study comparing the health status of the SHAD veterans with non-SHAD veterans deployed at the same time. This study will build on knowledge gained from a prior study conducted...
  • Studies of U.S. Veteran Twins Epidemiological Study
    In 1958, the Medical Follow-up Agency began a project to identify white male twins who had jointly entered military service during World War II. In the end, MFUA identified nearly 16,000 twin pairs in which both members had served in the military.
  • Cohort Catalog Epidemiological Study
    The Cohort Catalog describes a remarkable collection of study populations of former military personnel assembled as part of proposed or completed research dating back to the 1940's.
  • U.S. Military Malaria Vaccine Research: A Program Review Consensus Study
    An expert review committee will evaluate the U.S. Military’s Malaria Vaccine Research and Development Program and provide recommendations to the Commanding General (CG), U.S Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) on the best strategies ...
  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Associated with Military Service from World War II to the Present Consensus Study
    A congressionally mandated study by the Institute of Medicine will assess noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus associated with military service from World War II to the present, the effects of noise on hearing, and the availability of audiometric ...
  • Accelerating the Research, Development and Acquisition of Medical Countermeasures Against Biological Warfare Agents Consensus Study
    The project is a congressionally mandated study sponsored by the Department of Defense to examine DOD's acquisition process for medical countermeasures against biological warfare agents.
  • Long-term Follow-up of Army Personnel Potentially Exposed to Chemical Warfare Agents Epidemiological Study
    The long-term health effects of low level chemical warfare agent exposure are of considerable interest in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War. This epidemiological study of the morbidity and mortality outcomes of military personnel potentially...