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  • Adolescent Health and Development Standing Committee
    The mission of this standing committee is to bring the collective knowledge and analytic tools of the behavioral, social, and health sciences to bear on the assessment of policies and programs for youth.
  • Workshop on the Synthesis of Research on Adolescent Health and Development Stand Alone Workshop
    The program committee will organize and convene a workshop to describe the emerging fields of research on adolescent health and development that offer significant implications the health behaviors and the delivery of health care services for youth...
  • Assessing Interactions Among Social, Behavioral, and Genetic Factors in Health Consensus Study
    An Institute of Medicine committee will examine thee state of the science on gene-environment interactions that affect human health with a focus on the social environment.
  • Developing a Strategy to Reduce and Prevent Underage Drinking Consensus Study
    The Board on Children, Youth and Families of the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine has formed a committee to review existing federal, state and non-governmental programs, including media-based programs, designed to change the...
  • Responding to the Psychological Consequences of Terrorism Consensus Study
    The intent of the study is to highlight critical issues regarding the mental health response to terrorism and to provide possible options for intervention and for policy. Particular attention will be paid to the infrastructure for the implementation ...