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Past Grant Opportunities

Award Year 2018
  • Research-Practice Grants – Award Year 2018
    Grants for projects that bring researchers and practitioners together to transfer knowledge and work jointly on efforts that advance both science and its application in two topic areas:
    • Integration of monitoring and evaluation into environmental restoration projects to improve outcomes in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Improving risk-based evaluations to support a public health response to the next oil spill

Award Year 2017
  • Research & Development Grants – Award Year 2017
    Grants for research that will advance fundamental science or provide the scientific basis for the development of new technologies, processes, or procedures that could result in improved understanding and management of systemic risk in offshore oil and gas operations.
  • Research-Practice Grants – Award Year 2017
    The Gulf Research Program’s 2017 research-practice grants support projects aimed at enhancing the science and practice of resilience in coastal communities in the Gulf of Mexico by working to increase understanding of community attributes that influence resilience in response to adverse environmental challenges and developing tools and strategies communities can use to strengthen their resilience.
  • Capacity Building Grants
    Grants of up to two years to support work to enhance community networks that improve coastal environments, health, and well-being.

Award Year 2016
  • Synthesis Grants – Award Year  2016
    Two-year grants for projects that use scientific synthesis connecting environmental, social, and/or health data to advance understanding of the short- and long-term impacts of offshore oil and gas operations on human communities in coastal regions adjacent to the U.S. outer continental shelf, or to advance study design, tools, models and technologies for assessing human exposure to environmental contaminants, including acute or chronic exposures related to oil spills and other sudden and large-scale environmental disasters, and related impacts on individuals and populations.
  • Exploratory Grants – Award Year  2016
    Grants of up to two years to support innovative work on scenario planning to advance safety culture and minimize risk in offshore oil and gas operations or to inform coastal community planning and response to environmental change in regions with offshore oil and gas operations.

Award Year 2015
  • Data Synthesis Grants – Award Year 2015
    Two-year grants for activities that synthesize existing data that could inform efforts to restore and maintain the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem services, or that enhance understanding of the Deep Gulf or its physical and biological connectivity to coastal communities. 
  • Exploratory Grants – Award Year  2015
    One-year grants intended to catalyze innovative thinking about how to effectively educate and train offshore oil and gas and health professionals, or how to improve understanding of links between human wellbeing and ecosystem services related to oil and gas production.

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