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Meeting #4

In its final public meeting, the committee heard from speakers about social issues associated with human gene editing, including race and genetics in US history and the intersection of moral views and public policy.

When: July 12, 2016 (8:15 am eastern) 

Where: Washington, DC
Address: Keck Center of the National Academies
500 Fifth Street NW  
Washington, D.C. 20001
Agenda: view agenda
Resources: Welcome Remarks 
 Alta Charo & Richard Hynes, Committee Co-chairs       
A Conversation with Francis Collins [slides]
Panel I: Race & Genetics in US History     
Alondra Nelson, Columbia University [slides]
Keith Wailoo, Princeton University [slides]
Panel II: Germline Editing - Ethics, Morality, and Public Policy   
Erik Parens, Hastings Center [slides]
Ron Cole-Turner, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary [statement]
Public Comment



 Meeting #3  
The committee received input from the international community regarding the underlying principles of  governance for human gene editing. 
When: April 29, 2016 (9:15 am GMT)
Where: Paris, France
Address: Academie Nationale de Medicine
16 Rue Bonaparte, 75006  
Agenda: view agenda
Resources: Welcome Remarks [video - part 1]
Pierre Bégué, President, Académie Nationale de Médecine
  Richard Hynes & Alta Charo, US NAS/NAM Committee Co-chairs 
Panel I: Principles Underlying Governance 
Moderated by Ephrat Levy-Lahad & Barry Coller
  Mónica López Barahona, Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios
Roberto Andorno, University of Zurich  [slides]
   Jackie Leach Scully, Newcastle University [video - part 2] [slides]
Bethan Wolfenden, Bento Bioworks  [slides]
Nick Bostrom, University of Oxford  [slides]
Bartha Knoppers, McGill University [video - part 3] [slides]
Søren Holm, University of Manchester 
  Panel II: International Governance Perspectives [video - part 4]
Moderated by Gary Marchant & Jennifer Merchant 
  Xiaomei Zhai, Peking Union Medical College, China  [slides]
Jacqueline Chin, National University of Singapore [slides]
Rahman Jamal, National University of Malaysia  [slides]
    James Lawford-Davies, Hempsons Law Firm, United Kingdom [video - part 5] [slides]
Guido Pennings, Ghent University, Belgium  [slides]
Anna Veiga, Center of Regenerative Medicine, Barcelona, Spain  [slides]
Panel III: Potential Applications for Germline Editing [video - part 6]
Moderated by Janet Rossant & Jeff Kahn
  Hans Clevers, Hubrecht Institute
Fredrik Lanner, Karolinska Institute 
  Thomas Voit, University College London [video - part 7] [slides]
Elizabeth Vroom, United Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy  [slides]
Oliver Semler, University of Cologne  [slides]
   Regulatory Orientations: Similarities, Differences, and Lessons  [video - part 8]
Moderated by Alta Charo & Richard Hynes, U.S. NAS/NAM Committee

FEAM Workshop 
A workshop organized by the Federation of European Academies of Medicine focused on the state of the science and international regulatory landscape regarding human gene editing. This workshop was designed to complement the following day's NAS/NAM committee meeting. 
When: April 28, 2016
Where: Paris, France
Address: Academie Nationale de Medicine
16 Rue Bonaparte, 75006   
Agenda: view agenda  

The committee heard input from select stakeholder groups, including public engagement experts, affected communities, industry, and regulatory bodies.
When: February 11, 2016 (8:00 am eastern)
Where: Washington, DC
Address: Keck Center of the National Academies
500 Fifth Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20001 
Agenda: view agenda
Resources: Models for Public Engagement in Science Policy
Bruce Lewenstein, Cornell University [video] [slides]
Dominique Brossard, University of Madison-Wisconsin [video] [slides]
Discussion [video]
Perspectives from Affected Communities
Nancy Wexler, Hereditary Disease Foundation [video]
Philip Yeske, United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation [video] [slides]
Abby Bronson, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy [video] [slides]
Trevor Thompson, Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of Tennessee [video]  [slides]
Discussion [video]
Getting to a Therapeutic
Michael Werner, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine [video] [slides]
John Leonard, Intellia Therapeutics [video] [slides]
Vic Myer, Editas Medicine [video] [slides] 
Andrew May, Caribou Biosciences [video] [slides]
Carrie Wolinetz, National Institutes of Health [video] [slides]
Pearl O'Rourke, Partners Healthcare [video] [slides]
Discussion [video]
Public Comment [video]

Meeting #1  
The committee held a brief open session in which they discussed the charge with the study sponsors.
When: December 3, 2015 (4:00 pm eastern)
Where: Washington, DC
Address: National Academy of Sciences 
2101 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20418
Agenda:  view agenda  

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