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The J. Erik Jonsson Conference Center
J. Erik Jonsson Center

Conference Services at the Jonsson Center

Internet Access

All meeting rooms and common areas in both the Hackerman House and the Clark Carriage House have access to free wireless internet.


The telephone system at the Center is available to all participants and visitors. Telephones are located in common areas, meeting rooms and offices and instructions for placing local and long distance calls are located near each phone. The telephone numbers are: 508-548-3760 or 508-548-3761. To access an outside line, dial 8-1-number.

Audio-Visual Equipment
Audio-visual equipment includes data projectors, digital recorders, speakerphones flipcharts and whiteboards. Onsite staff is available for assistance with the setup and use of on-hand equipment. If you require additional equipment, we can work with a local vendor to bring in what is needed.

Copy/Scanning/Fax Machines
There is a color digital copier/scanner/fax machine in the Service Center (Room 204 – 2nd floor of the Hackerman House). The fax number is: 508-540-4236

Mail Service
The mailing address is:

TheJ. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center of the
National Academy of Sciences
P.O. Box 86
Woods Hole, MA 02543-0086

Federal Express and UPS provide regular pickup and delivery service to the Center. The mailing address for shipping via express carriers is:

J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center
of the National Academy of Sciences
314 Quissett Avenue
Woods Hole, MA 02543-0036

Jonsson Center : 314 Quissett Avenue : Woods Hole, MA 02543 : 508-548-3760\