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Conference on Policy Research and Data Needs to Meet
The Challenges of Population Aging in Asia

Dec. 9-10, 2010, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

(Abstracts also available.)

Economic Development, Social Security, and Pensions

Population Aging, Intergenerational Transfers, and Economic Growth: Asia in a Global Context
Ronald Lee, University of California, Berkeley (co-author: Andrew Mason)

Closing the Coverage Gap: Evolution and Issues for Rural Pensions in China
Philip O’Keefe, World Bank (co-author: Dewen Wang)

Changing Roles and Responsibilities of the Family

Needs and Difficulties of Old Age Care in the Emerging of Family Change in Rural China: a Case Study of Shandong Province
Wang Guangzhou, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Financial and Social Capitals of the Elderly People in Thailand
Amornrat Apinunmahakul, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand

Determinants of Intergenerational Transfers: Evidence from CHARLS
Xiaoyan Lei, Peking University (co-authors: John Giles, Yuqing Hu, Albert Park, John Strauss, and Yaohui Zhao)

Recognizing the Elderly Women’s Role -- A Study From Gender Perspectives
Lin Tan, Women’s Studies Institute of China (co-author: Yunzhu Jia)

Labor Force Participation and Retirement

The Labor Market Outcomes of Population Aging
Cai Fang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Understanding the Patterns of Labor Supply and Retirement of China's Older Population
John Giles, World Bank (co-authors: Wei Cai, Dewen Wang, and Pascale Schnitzer)

Facilitating Longer Working Lives: The Need, the Rationale, the How
David A. Wise, Harvard University and the NBER

Income, Wealth, and Preferences

A summary report on policy related research based on data from Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS)
Yi Zeng, Peking University

Stability of Preference Against Aging and Health Shocks: A Comparison Between Japan and the U.S.
Hidehiko Ichimura, University of Tokyo (co-authors Hideki Hashimoto and Satoshi Shimizutani)

Relying on Whom? Analyzing How China’s Elderly Finance Their Consumption
Yan Shen, Peking University (co-author: Albert Park)

Chinese Internal Migrants: Policy and Measurement Challenges
Xianghong Shirley Wang, Renmin University of China (co-authors: Daniel McFadden and Wenkai Sun)

Health and Well-Being

Aging and Health –SES Correlations in Asia: Evidence from Indonesia
John Strauss, University of Southern California (co-authors: Firman Witoeler, Bondan Sikoki, and Younoh Kim)

Health Care and Insurance in China: What We Learned From CHARLS 2008
Yaohui Zhao, Peking University (co-authors: John Strauss, Hao Hong, Lin Li, Albert Park, and Li Yang)

Exploring Functional Health Status of Older Men and Women: An Exploration Using Self-Reported and Observed Measures of Physical Strength
Moneer Alam, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi

New and Emerging Initiatives in Data Collection

Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI)
P. Arokiasamy, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai

WHO Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health (SAGE)
Somnath Chatterji, World Health Organization

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